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480p Buy HD version here: Inheritance Blakmailcustom:A former college roommate of your brother is staying with the 2 of you as he looks for an apartment before starting his new job. He has always had the hots for you but you have always been very cold toward him and loved teasing him since you knew how much he wanted you. One night, shortly after he arrives, he is watching TV and you go into the room to tease him. You pretend cleaning up so you do lots of bending over and reaching for things. Whenever he makes a move to touch you, you move away or swat his hand. After you have had your fun and know how turned on he is you leave for you night out. One of your uncles died a few months ago and he left you quite a bit of money in his will but with the condition (you are a wild party girl) that you have to stay sober for one full year. The next day you come home from work (dressed in a short tight fitting skirt and top) and Jim is there alone again. He tells you how sorry he is that you lost your inheritance and you ask what he means. He tells you that since he saw you Tipsy and staggering home late last night that means you didn't fulfill the requirement of the inheritance. You laugh and say since no one else saw you and no one would believe him it never happened. He laughs too and says that would be true if he hadn't taken all those photos. He is willing to keep the secret if you are willing to do whatever he wants and you know very well what he wants. Reluctantly you agree. He will have you get on your hands and knees and crawl over to him. Then lots of fondling with hands up your skirt and in your blouse and he has some fun messing up your hair (that is a huge fantasy of mine so I will go for lots of that) and then just to show you that you can't be in charge he ties your hands behind your back so he can fondle you till his heart is content. Seeing as you are already in a good position and you seem to like to get me hard, suck on this. Mandy gives the BJ while Dave can keep messing with her hair and using her hair to force her to go deep/gag, until he comes in her mouth. Shortly after the BJ the phone rings and Mandy says,, oh , my boss was going to call me at 7 to get some results from the conference. I have to take it..... Mandy figures that the phone call saved her and that the BJ was the end of the demands but of course she is wrong. After her call ends she heads to her room only to find Dave sitting on the bed waiting for her......*Mandy Flores*You might also enjoy....Blackmail SexLoan Shark pervertRemote control Mandy....................INCLUDES:BLACKMAIL FANTASY-WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS-ANAL-BLOW JOBS-FORCED STRIPPING-HAIR.myTable { width:800px;background-color:#;border-collapse:collapse; }.myTable th { background-color:#;color:;width:50%; }.myTable td, .myTable th { padding:5px;border:1px solid #; }window.NREUM||(NREUM={});NREUM.info={"beacon":"bam.nr-data.net","licenseKey":"dedb14a613","applicationID":"3546437","transactionName":"YVJQYRcEDUVZAhcNXVgYZ0cMSg5TVQMGFkEZVF5cFRY8V1wFTRRaRg==","queueTime":0,"applicationTime":8260,"atts":"TRVTF18eHks=","errorBeacon":"bam.nr-data.net","agent":"js-agent.newrelic.com\/nr-632.min.js"}.myTable { width:800px;background-color:#;border-collapse:collapse; }.myTable th { background-color:#;color:;width:50%; }.myTable td, .myTable th { padding:5px;border:1px solid #; }window.NREUM||(NREUM={});NREUM.info={"beacon":"bam.nr-data.net","licenseKey":"dedb14a613","applicationID":"3546437","transactionName":"YVJQYRcEDUVZAhcNXVgYZ0cMSg5TVQMGFkEZVF5cFRY8V1wFTRRaRg==","queueTime":0,"applicationTime":485,"atts":"TRVTF18eHks=","errorBeacon":"bam.nr-data.net","agent":"js-agent.newrelic.com\/nr-632.min.js"}window.NREUM||(NREUM={});NREUM.info={"beacon":"bam.nr-data.net","licenseKey":"dedb14a613","applicationID":"3546437","transactionName":"YVJQYRcEDUVZAhcNXVgYZ0cMSg5TVQMGFkEZVF5cFRY8V1wFTRRaRg==","queueTime":0,"applicationTime":378,"atts":"TRVTF18eHks=","errorBeacon":"bam.nr-data.net","agent":"js-agent.newrelic.com\/nr-632.min.js"}window.NREUM||(NREUM={});NREUM.info={"beacon":"bam.nr-data.net","licenseKey":"dedb14a613","applicationID":"3546437","transactionName":"YVJQYRcEDUVZAhcNXVgYZ0cMSg5TVQMGFkEZVF5cFRY8V1wFTRRaRg==","queueTime":0,"applicationTime":483,"atts":"TRVTF18eHks=","errorBeacon":"bam.nr-data.net","agent":"js-agent.newrelic.com\/nr-768.min.js"} Keywords:


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